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Essential Formula + :  € 20,85 /year.
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We can provide insurance for you alone or in shared accommodation, whatever your type of student accommodation and number of rooms:

  • University room, Studio, house, apartment
  • From 1 to 4 rooms,
  • Furnished or unfurnished accommodation
  • In a private home, in a university residence, boarding house or halls.

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  • Simple and easy subscription
  • Internship included
  • Affordable home insurance
  • Immediate receipt of your certificate in your mailbox
  • Up to three months free of charge
  • Legal protection included
  • No automatic renewal

Are you a foreign student, intern or resident and are staying in France for your studies for 1 to 12 months? Don't wait any longer and subscribe now!

  • 3 policies to choose from
  • Date to date contract
  • Medical expenses advanced
  • Free choice of registered doctor
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Civil liability
  • Legal assistance

FROM € 51,00 / MONTH

  • 3 policies to choose from
  • Date to date contract
  • Medical expenses advanced
  • Free choice of registered doctor
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Civil liability
  • Legal assistance

Are you a student, intern or traveller and looking to take out insurance for 1 to 12 months while travelling in Europe (Schengen area) or anywhere in the world? Don't wait any longer and take out insurance now!

FROM € 12,00 / MONTH

  • Medical expenses are covered
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Civil liability
  • European and worldwide coverage

Why should I insure my student accommodation?

Are you a student and will soon be moving into accommodation?

Home insurance is mandatory if you rent a CROUS room, university room, studio, apartment or house, furnished or not. You will need to provide proof of this insurance when signing the lease and when the keys are handed over.

Your landlord is entitled to request an insurance certificate from you each year. Your contract will therefore have to be renewed no later than 31/08. Failure to renew can be a reason to terminate your lease.

In order to insure your responsibilities towards the owner, you must therefore take out home insurance covering the risks of fire, explosion and water damage. However, this insurance does not cover the damage caused to neighbours and third parties (excluding fire and water damage), damage caused to your property and your "private" civil liability.

We therefore invite you to complete your contract with coverages such as civil liability, theft, glass breakage, hardware extension. These options are available directly within the formulas or in addition to your online subscription.




Access your customer account 24 hours a day and modify your contract according to your needs.


Change your home address, add options or room-mates, change the formula or the number of rooms.


At any time, find and download the insurance certificate of your accommodation.


Renew your contract easily and quickly in a few clicks.

How do I retrieve my login details?

In order to access your customer account and benefit from online services, we invite you to follow the procedure below to retrieve your login details.

  • Go to the My Account page.
  • Use the "Lost Password" function in the "I HAVE AN ACCOUNT" section
  • Indicate the email address you used when you subscribed and confirm the request to reset the password.
  • Indicate the email address you used when you subscribed and confirm the request to reset the password.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to follow inviting you to enter a new password.
  • Go back to the My Account page and log in with your email and the new password.


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Do you have a claim and wish to file it? To do so, nothing could be easier, simply follow the online procedure below.

  • Login to your customer account.
  • Click on the "File a claim" icon    .
  • Choose the type of claim and fill in the form
  • Validate your declaration online

Upon receipt of the form, our services undertake to provide you with a personalised response as soon as possible.

Vous souhaitez annuler, résilier votre contrat ? Vous avez la possibilité d'annuler, résilier votre contrat 14 jours après la date de souscription en ligne, sans frais ni pénalités. Pour cela, veuillez vous connecter sur votre espace compte et cliquez sur "Annuler mon contrat". Ce bouton n’apparait plus lorsque le délai de rétractation est passé.

Filing a claim

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In 1968, Stéphane DESCAMPS, young manager of ADH, had an innovative idea: to offer low-cost home insurance policies for students residing in France.
To this end, he entered into a partnership with the CROUS in Lille in order to set up a complete and differentiating solution adapted to small budgets.

The success of this project encouraged ADH to develop its offer with the CROUS in other regions. The partnerships multiplied.
Demand increased and uses started to change. ADH adapted to these new behaviours by launching its online Student Insurance site in 2000.
We listen to your needs and constantly adapt our contracts and services to best meet your expectations.
Since this launch, we have been the leading online insurance company for student home insurance.


Our leading position in the field of online student home insurance allows us to offer you a wide choice of guarantees.
To do this, we have designed 3 formulas and additional options to suit all your needs.
We know that as a student you are on a tight budget, so we negotiate our contracts with our partners to offer you solutions at the best market prices.
Our business experts are available from Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 5pm, to answer all your questions and give you the best advice possible whatever your question:
Subscription of your contract, modification of formula, address, addition of a room-mate, declaration of a claim.
We know that your time is precious. We have therefore designed an intuitive site with features that allow you to get quick answers:

  • Online estimate
  • Comparative table of our 3 guarantee formulas
  • Rapid subscription
  • Uploading your certificate to your account area
  • Online declaration
  • Changing your information
  • Renewing your contract


Implementation of the home insurance policy in partnership with the CROUS in Lille


Creation of the Student Insurance website

70 000

Insured students for the year 2021/2022


  • Monday to Friday
  • From 14h to 17h
  • Closed on weekends
  • Contact us by mail :

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  • 300 rue de Lille - Bâtiment B
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